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RSS Downloader Auto-Rename Files from Scrapers?


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I was thinking, it would be very helpful (albeit fairly complicated) if there were a way to set up the RSS Downloader to automatically rename files downloaded by pulling down information from scrapers. Xbox Media Center pulls info down from scrapers such as theTVDB.com and IMDB.com using only the movie name or the showname/season#/episode#... couldn't this be done in a similar fashion with uTorrent's RSS Downloader?

When a movie or tv show gets selected through an RSS filter, the downloader would query a scraper (determining which scraper through a separate designator in the filter) based on the information it extrapolates from the torrent's name. In example: "Some.Random.Show.S03E10.WS.PDTV.XviD-aAF.[eztv].torrent" would get stripped down to "Some Random Show S03E10", and then the downloader would query TheTVDB.com, select "Some Random Show" as the show name, 3 as the season, and 10 as the episode, and it would fill in any missing information... in this case, the episode name. After getting that info, it would report back to the downloader, which would feed all the information through a regular expression filter that the user would set up, and it would come out (in my case) as "3x10 - Some Random Episode.avi"

This may seem a bit like overkill, since it would be fairly easy to just rename the file later yourself... but if the technology is there, why not use it? And the RSS Downloader was meant to make things more automatic, this would be furthering that goal, and adding more functionality to the tool.

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