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uTorrent zombie process


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Hi, it's my first post here and I really hope someone would help me out with this...

I've been struggling ever since I installed vista, utorrent 1.8 runs fine, good speed no crashes but, when I attempt to close it won't, and it becomes a zombie process.

I've tried every posible angle i can think of, tweakingm third party programs, and nothing seems to work, i just can't kill the process, and it's very annoying 'cause the only way to run uTorrent again is with a reboot and it takes forever to close windows because of the zombie process.

I hope someone has an answer for this.

BTW, if it helps, my antivirus is NOD32 3.0.642.0 and my firewall is Zone Alarm v7.1.254.000

Thanks in advance

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