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utorrent causes overload on win vista


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I've always used utorrent on win xp and found it as the best bit torrent client.

since i've installed vista, i noticed that this client literally blow out all the resources of windows, causing it to slow down (even the mouse pointer moves scratchy).

i've stopped everything, file indexing, windows defender, and so on. i'm using zonealarm free (apart of utorrent, this is causing no other problem) and avira antivir free (same as zonealarm).

this overload is performed after a while utorrent is running. if i run it and work with the pc nothing happen, but if i put it on idle and let utorrent work, when i come after an hour or two, i see it taking his last breathe.

analysing the system performance, i can see:

- huge cpu load (95%)

- phisical memory: total 1790 mb - cache 1047 mb - free 3 mb (i think this isn't normal - sums not return)

- phisical memory (the value exposed on the bottom of the window's task manager): 64% - which is not as shown above.

could you please help ? thank you

ps. this time i'm handling 5-8 torrent files simultaneously. on win xp, they was 30-35 with no problems.

ps2: i forgot to say. i'm not able to close the program. it is not shown on the system tray, but i can see it on the task manager and couldn't stop it. if i try to open another istance, it says this can be done due to another istance running.

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thank you all for your replies.

i'll try to remove zonealarm and use comodo, but it have to be sad that zonealarm is giving me no problem but with utorrent (supposed it is the problem...). i think that if ZA would be dummy with vista, there could be other simpthoms.

anyway, i'll try. thank you.

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