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1.8.1 Release Candidate 1 (build 12549)


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Under Windows Vista SP1, uTorrent 1.8 build 11813 and 1.8.1 build 11903 stops responding when opening this torrent file:

<munched by admin - see announcement>

Also it caused the followings:

1. The utorrent.exe process cannot be ended

2. Cannot log off user account

3. Cannot shut down Windows

Running as administrator solves part of the problem, but a forced recheck halts halfway (and with the wrong results). Stopping the check and attempting it again causes the symptoms above. It worked perfectly under Windows XP. Is this a file permission problem?

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Can i just get a mod to clarify where Troubleshooting posts should go, because we have 2 different answers at the moment.

@teohhanhui - Lol, happens to the best of us :P but maybe pay a little more attention? :)

@devs - Good work so far.. I was really confused when i got 3-4 updates on uTorrent in like 4-5 days... Now i know why :) Keep it up :)

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You can actually force a crash dump to be generated, like so:

In the Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer, look for the [PID] of the µTorrent process. From there, File > Run > ntsd.exe -p [PID] -e [PID] -c ".dump c:\jit.dmp;q"

where [PID] needs to be replaced with the PID of the µTorrent process found in the process list viewer (don't include square brackets). The resulting dump can be found as c:\jit.dmp. Do this when µTorrent hangs, and post the dump.

Under Windows Vista, ntsd.exe no longer comes by default. In this case, users can force a crash dump to be generated via Task Manager's right-click context menu for the µTorrent process, compress it, then upload it.

Upload the dump to mediafire.com or savefile.com.

Personally, I would prefer it if troubleshooting would go into their own threads. It clutters development discussion otherwise.

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...It clutters development discussion otherwise...

meaning ? no comments on features (or missing ones) ? no remarks as to bugs (or suspected ones) ? so what does it mean ? what is this thread for - "a 'thanks-you' thread + changelog & DL link ?? ... ;)

I have a list with bugs/needed-features/links to previous posts/discussions on most-wanted (I think) RSS related issues. Shell I spread it around 3 sections ?

Except for DWK data-base problems - having a large "distribution-list"/subscribers to the a discussion-thread (during over ~half a year+ of development) is a big pro!

well, Ok , in view of this new policy and DB issues, a copy of my RSS bug/features'-list goes to the devs + features request thread... :)


Needed RSS DLer features/bugs list is now here: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=352646#p352646

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1.8 issues only. Unrelated posts will be ignored and deleted.


That people chose to ignore this policy in the old thread (and that we failed to properly enforce this policy) doesn't make the policy new. I'm not sure how many times it had to be repeated, too (to you, especially). After giving up, the thread went absolutely out of control, with unrelated conversations mish-mashing all over the place. You were one of the users complaining about how we shouldn't expect users to read the entire thread or be able find every piece of information posted in the thread. Well sure, you were right, but only because so many users decided to disregard the policy, and so the thread exploded.

There were many non-1.8-specific instances of troubleshooting/bug reporting in that old thread, but at the same time, there were instances of troubleshooting for 1.8 in that thread. This did add to the clutter as well, so we're extending the policy to simple troubleshooting. It makes it easier to keep track of specific issues one at a time if discussions get split (I'm all too familiar with this). This thread can still can be used to mention (!= full-on discussion of) bugs discovered in other threads anyway.

It may seem like we're being hardasses, but that's because we've learned from our previous mistake. So let's leave it at that.

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no problem (though I liked the big thread... and both "issues" and "dev discussions" are vague at best) . Just let me know if you like me to copy/mention bugs from the link above and put them here... I expect some are/might/can be defined as "issues" and are related & going into this 1.8.1 :)

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After upgrading from 1.8 stable to build 11903 on the "finished" torrents with files previously marked as "Don't Download" become "Normal" reporting something like "Error: missing file".

The sort columns are simply lost after changing view or category.

Thanks, Nam

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using the latest webui 0.315 and this beta uto build, i'm having an issue with saving webui settings. they just won't stick!

Is this a known issue?

For exemple i chose to have categories not displayed in webui settings, hit apply. all is good until i close IE7 and relaunch webui, settings will be back to default.

Same here.

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