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No Limewire, Help!!


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First Of All, Sorry For My English.. Im Not English Native Speaking, And I Cant Get Answers From The "other Language Forum".. Hope You Comprehend This..

I Am New With U Torrent, Actually Only Have 1 Month, Using This Great Program.. Everthing Was Great!! I Downloaded Three Good Movies, With Mininova.. The Problem That I Have, Started Last Week When Somebody Recommended Me To Install Limewire To Download Music.. The Problem That I Have Now Is Because Every Movie Download I Want To Do, Is Directed To Limewire, And I Dont Want This!! How Can I Download As I Started, Without Uninstalling Limewire?? Is There A Way To Disconect Limewire Or Direct The Downloads To Utorrent And Stop Lime Wire To Be The Prefered Program??

Thanks To Everyone..

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