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utorrent banning host pc?


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I'm using the latest utorrent client (1.8).

When I click on a torrent I'm downloading and take the option to "reset bans" I see the following in the log:

[2008-08-19 11:10:45] Unbanned 192.xxx.xx.xxx:26769

The 26769 is obviously the port number on which utorrent listens, and the prefix is the internal ip address of the pc on which utorrent is running.

Can anyone explain what is going on - why is utorrent banning the pc it's running on?


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If this is not a bug then how come the download speeds drop until the ban is reset?

This is a topic that has come up quite a few times within this forum yet nobody has ever answered the question properly!

I have only noticed this problem with version 1.8.1 and as already stated, my download speed drops to almost nothing until I reset the ban. When I reset the ban the speed increases to normal for a couple of minutes before my own IP is banned again and the speed drops again.

There are a lot of people giving some very cryptic answers to this problem (and it is a problem for a lot of people) yet nobody seems able to give a clear answer how to prevent this.

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