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Speed changes after a while


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You probably don't have a 2 megabits/second upload connection as far as uTorrent is concerned.

Try the 2nd link in my signature.

It gives suggested settings for uTorrent based on your max sustainable UPLOAD speed.

NOTE: Max sustainable UPLOAD speed is nowhere near max download speed for almost every internet connection in existence.

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Thankyou, have adjusted to your reccommends.

While you lot are in a helpfull and knowledgable mood. I have a about 6 completed downloads ready for seeding and have 4 items i'm downloading. Do i leave them all on my torrent program and let the program decide what to seed or should i remove some even though i haven't seeded much back. Also how do i decide which ones to seed?

Sry noobish question and have read some of the items on the forum but still need some clarity to this please.


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Leave those torrents in uTorrent.

Stop for now the seeding torrents that report having multiple seeds on them and seed the ones that don't have any (or only a few) seeds.

Restart the torrents later when you stop other torrents...this way you should be able to get every torrent up to at least a 1:1 ratio...assuming people are still trying to download them.

Do note that NOT seeding bad torrents is a good idea -- spend your limited upload speed on better targets. :)

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