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few questions about portable utorrent


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Using utorrent 1.8 build 11813

Since having alot of computers at work and home i have utorrent portable on my external usb hard drive - makes life a whole lot easier. To make utorrent portable simply need to put settings.dat together with utorrent.exe and manually add relative paths in options. but here i bumped into a small problem...

If i put ".\torrents" in "preferences - directories - store .torrents in:" - makes a folder where exe is and saves there *.torrents

But if i put ".\Downloads" in "preferences - directories - put new downloads in:" - creates a folder Downloads where the *.torrent was opened. (also the torrent should stay during the whole downloading/seeding session, otherwise get error)

So how to make utorrent act the same as with *.torrents?

For now, as i understand, the only way is to change ".\Downloads" to "./Downloads" and (what i dont really want to do) untick "always show dialog on manual add"

p.s. also want to ask if there are any other commands that we can use in utorrent except ./ ../ .\ ..\

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using ".\Downloads" -ye.

for example:

i save 1.torrent on desktop.

plugin external hard drive and start utorrent. (preferences - directories - put new downloads in: .\Downloads)

add torrent

utorrent creates on desktop "Downloads" folder and downloads the content there... also if i delete 1.torrent, close, start exe it gives me error.

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vista x64 to be precise... will test on xp tomorrow

EDIT: yup. same behavior on xp.... also noticed old torrents show error "error: files missing from job. please recheck" obviously its because the drive letter changed... someow i get a feeling that relative pathing doesnt work correctly or needs some other configuring

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