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Possible fix for slow downloads (12kb per file)


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DOWNGRADING TO KNOWN exploitable versions is a stupid and forcibly ignorant choice. If you don't want to upload, don't use bittorrent.

uTorrent 1.8.1 takes out that "leecher protection" unfortunately so leechers like you can continue to upload at 1 KiBps and download at Mbits/sec. You can find it in the Announcements forum.

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Maybe some of us have other stuff to do when downloading a torrent and dont have such large bandwidths that we can allow ourselves to upload when we download. I myself, will admit I leech. This is only because if I upload, no-one can use any computer on my network because its si damn slow. It even slows my net down horribly doing 1kb/s. Maybe its not ignorance for every leecher, maybe its because they dont have a choice sometimes.

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Reaper01331 said: "if I upload, no-one can use any computer on my network because its si damn slow. It even slows my net down horribly doing 1kb/s."

This sounds like you have other SEVERE problems that do not depend on uTorrent uploading very slowly. Thus, forcing uTorrent to upload very slowly...is obviously NOT fixing the problem!

SO, if you want it fixed...you'll need to test and troubleshoot a little.

Firstly, have you tried reducing the number of connections uTorrent makes?

Disabled uTorrent's extra features?

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) or chosen settings based on your speed from the 2nd link in my signature?

Lastly, have you done Ultima's troubleshooting guide? (1st link in my signature)

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Uh, I have Verizon DSL...altho at times I will admit, it definately doesnt seem like DSL. I will edit my post with some answers to your questions Switeck shortly while I run some tests and read that troubleshooting guide.

@ Ultima

I wasnt saying that about you, I was referring to the guy you quoted.


Speed Test:


I have it set accordingly.

I edited the connection settings and my download speed skyrocketed up. It went from like 10-20kb/s on a torrent I was downloading to 170.

Thanks for the help.

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I dobnI had all the same problems as everyone else, capped downloads at 12kb per file.

Went back to using Ver 1.6 and everything is now zooming along as usual.

Give it a go, it can't hurt !

This is bullshit.

BUT I had same problem. Found out apparently it was a fix in 1.8. In 1.7.7 you could set individual torrents' upload limit to 1kB/s and still get full download speed on them. Since 1.8 I got weird and pretty damn bad speeds... Found out about this by accident.


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Reaper 01331:

What did you change your numbers and preferences too to get yours to works so good. I have the same problem...single digit or low double digit downloads and I have everything tweaked and fixed as best I know as I am very new at this. My ports are open and set, my XP has been tweaked for bandwith etc. I do not know how or what to do to get any better results. i hear of others running in the high double digits or triple digits and I am very frustrated, I have tried I everyting I have read and still nothing. I think I do not have my preference numbers set correctly or maybe it is something else. I speed tested and no throttling on the part of my IP. I do not understand some of the stuff, 80% of downloads etc. Anyone that could help I would appreciate. I did read the guides and Faqs...so any kind of suggestions I would welcome.....

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Bro those guides dont work for UT 1.8 well except for the getting the green checkmark part......you need to seriously read my post again.....I dont care if one does have crap network gear......the more "per torrent" slots you run...with DL and UL speeds set to UNLIMITED the faster your DL will be...assuming of course that there are a goodly number of seeders :)

Obviously with only one or two seeders it gonna be slow.

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That's a technical nonsense. Imagine having 1000 connections open on say 512kbit line (that being uplink). You will prolly get close to no download speed.

It's nice you have 20mbit up/down. You descibed what works for your insane line. And that's it.

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I know I have insanely fast speed bro when i choose xx/20mb/s the preference page DEFAULTS to 2240 upload speed and 850/125/30 the point im trying to make is that EVEN if YOU have a slower...much slower connection after chossing w/e speed you have on the xx/xx mb/s section take a CLOSE look at ur default on the connections page of preferences.....for example: if u choose xx/512kb/s in the speed guide section...the connections page in prefereces will look like this:

From top to bottom: 47/250/90/4 what I'm saying is find a goodly seeded torrent and try setting like this: 47/300/100/100 and you will find that your download speeds will increase drastically. The point here is ....no matter how fast your connection is.....the MORE little bits you have comeing IN...the HIGHER your download speed will be.....Ive only just gotten the 20/20 FIOS 3 days ago I WAS 3mb/s /768 before that and this system still worked :)

Of course you cant choose 1500 global on a xx/512 line lol Im not saying you should...

As I DID say in the post

1. get the green checkmark first

2. pick your advertised speed in the Speed Guide connection page and click "use selected setiing at the bottom.....

3. ......then go to preferences / bandwidth page and see what UT 1.8 recommends.....

4. THEN... set the two bottom numbers to the same value and not more than the global value when added together.

Its like this If you were in a small booth with money blowing all around and you could keeps whatever you could grab......the more hands you have...the more money ull get ^^

P.S. and its defenitly NOT technical nonesense bro Ive worked on comps for 30 years :) I will admit that my typing sux tho :)

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Your TOTAL upload slots (this is per-torrent upload slot limit times total active torrents) should NOT exceed half your upload speed in KiloBYTES/second.

If you're only uploading at 47 KiloBYTES/second, then you shouldn't have more than 23 TOTAL upload slots.

So if you're running 4 torrents, that means 5 upload slots PER torrent.

This way, each upload slot gets more than 2 KiloBYTES/second on average...though some may go slower and others considerably faster.

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