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Torrents randomly shut off without explanation.


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When i downloaded uTorrent 1.8 everything went on without trouble, but after an hour or two the arrow went red without any explanations. Under Status it still keeps saying Seeding or Downloading, but it's not or it's going very veeeery slow. I also see now that if I test the port in the Speed Guide, it works, but nowadays the icon in the bottom (Which can be red, orange and green) changes between orange and green.

I've tried to:

Update tracker

Shut off DHT (little change?) (Weird because it won't work on those torrents anyway)

Uninstall uTorrent, and then reinstall it.

Uninstall uTorrent + Settings + Regkeys, and then reinstall it.

Tested different ports.

Tested different trackers.

Thanks on beforehand,


utorrent18problerm9.png The problem.

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