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Anybody else having prolems with Rogers for downloading?


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hey switeck, you seem knowledgeable so maybe you can help me or show me where to do. I AM fed up with rogers, i hate them. The download speeds are ridiculous, my bandwith crawls when i have torrents going. I will see it shoot up to 400kb/sec than smash back down to 40kb time and time again. So frustrated with this company. Do you know what the best service provider to go to in canada? to be free with your bandwith!! i heard that its all controlled by rogers and bell, no matter who you go through, is this true? We need to end the telecommunications monopoly in this country!

thanks for any help!

happy downloading :)

ps. my torrents are greenlight all good to go so its def a bandwith issue

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I am not from Canada, I just do lots of internet research on ISPs.

Wherever you are in Canada, you need to research what ISPs are available in your area and if they share Bell's lines. They should tell you, may even be required by law to tell you.

Shaw Cable is supposedly ok, but I've read in a few places that they too disrupt/throttle BitTorrent traffic some...maybe noticeable only in high congestion areas.

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