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Utorrent problems after reinstall XP (SP3)


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Hi guys,

I have reinstalled XP (sp3) and before this i always used Utorrent 1.6 without any problems with a routerconnection. Now after the XP reinstall i installed Utorrent 1.6 again and configured the settings. Also set the right portnumer which i also have in my router and firewall. But suddenly Im not connectable anymore :( , a red icon below in Utorrent appears. Also changed the portnumber but still the red icon. At last I also made a statistic IP but after this still NOT connectable...

Does anybody know what suddenly happened? Like I said I only reinstalled XP...(I have to say that the previous operating system had SP2, now im using SP3 AND i quick installed Utorrent 1.8 after the reinstall, removed it and installed 1.6)

Thanks for the help!

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