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Crashes when deleting .torrent [+files]


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Since I use µTorrent 1.8, when I delete one or several .torrent at the same time, the program crashes. It also happens when I try to delete both .torrent and the files.

As a result it deletes well the files but not the .torrent.

Moreover it seems to crash randomly, as sometimes it works fine.

I've seen in another post that it was because of Firefox 3 which puts .torrents in "Read Only" mode. But you've fixed µTorrent to modify it when moving the .torrent.

I've checked if it worked and yes, the .torrent are not in "Read Only" mode. So I don't understand why it still crash sad

Another problem is that after restarting µTorrent I become unconnectable and the program says that I should change of port. I use Avast as antivirus and my router has the µtorrent port open

So here are the 11 dump files I have: http://www.mediafire.com/?zoicevpt9kn

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