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Wierd Seeding Problem


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I run my own tracker from a web server I have installed on my local network.

I have my external IP set in uTorrent so the tracker hands out the right one to the peers.

When I seed torrents to my own tracker uTorrent does not show me as a seeder

it actualy says:

Seeds: 0 of 0 Connected (0 In Swarm) Peers: 0 of 2 Connected (0 In Swarm)

I am the only seeder and at the moment there are no peers.

The tracker displays the torrent correctly as 1 Seed and 0 Peers

However it does seed and send out the data when people connect to the torrent to download it, it's just very irritating that uTorrent does not display the seed/peer information correctly.

Everything displays fine in all other clients I have tried

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