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NWLINK and IPv6/Teredo


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I recently installed the new utorrent version, and I have a few questions. I'm not an expert on computer networking, really, but I am a decent user, and I know some things, mostly about offline activities, and web page encoding in html. Here are my questions though:

1. When I downloaded the updated utorrent, I saw a button below the main info box that said "Install IPv6/Teredo".I didn't know what it was, and like an idiot, I clicked it. I waited a while, as I remember some Windows services and networking protocols taking a while to install, and watched the Task Manager. Eventually, something in the processes showed up called tcpipv6.exe. I assumed that it had installed correctly, and continued downloading with utorrent. Over the next few days, however, I realized that my computer was slowing down considerably, both offline, with programs, and more notably, in my network. Even another computer on my wire-only router was slowing down significantly. I eventually figured that it must have been IPv6/Teredo, and started doing some research. I found out a few things, including the obvious security holes that Teredo (moreso than IPv6) itself created in the tunneling process. I thought it might be a big enough security flaw to uninstall the protocol from my inter connection network. I also thought that it was most likely the new program creating the speed flaw on my systems. So I pulled up my connection to the internet and clicked properties, and uninstalled anything related to IPv6, which I believe was just the IPv6 protocol itself. I rebooted, and everything seemed to be running much faster and smoother, as well as on my other computer on my network. So I figured it must have been that. So, guys, here are my questions: What exactly does IPv6 do other than give a more complex addressing service to give more IP's that are unique? What does Teredo do exactly other than allow connections to IPv6-enable or IPv6-only systems? Why did it slow both my online and offline activities, even when I didn't use utorrent, and can some programs cause instability/incompatibility with IPv6/Teredo?

2. I use a popular VPN software called Hamachi, which links together several non-LAN'd computers into a pseudo-LAN over the network by "hosting" a LAN server to be connected to. I use this mainly for gaming, and as a file transferring service occasionally. I learned that for a few certain games, I needed to install a network service called NWLINK2 IPX yadda yadda yadda. I read the instructions for it, and was quite successful with doing so, and it's been on my connection as a side service this whole time (before I mistakenly installed IPv6/Teredo even). From what I saw when I highlighted the service, was that it was some sort of Novell packet reading service, or a sort of packet decoder, and it contains two services, I believe. It doesn't seem to interfere with the speed of my connection, or anything else, for that matter, but I still dunno what it is. What I'm curious about, is: Can this service interfere with IPv6/Teredo or anything else? What exactly is it and what does it do for me/my network? Can I uninstall it safely, or is it more useful to keep around?

For some network specifics, I use a 1 MBps Cable connection, a 4 switch wired-only router (no wireless support, I don't want people snooping into my wireless, or connection problems), Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, NWLINK2, and all the regular TCP/IP settings. I have enabled a DMZ on my router for my client computer only, and there are 2 client computers on my router.

Any Ideas? Reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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You sir, are lucky I fully read your post :P

(What OS + Service Pack?)

Anyway, I myself had a serious problem with Teredo. It appears to have been caused by some incompatible software as after having a clean system it was no longer affected. For all I know it could be that NWLINK in your case, though personally I point my finger at Sygate. Does your version have IPv6 support? It's possible it's flawed in some way.

If you want Teredo, I suppose the best thing to do would be a temporary uninstall of Sygate (disabling can't be trusted), or you can try installing IPv6 but keep Teredo disabled and see how your system responds. Using enterprise mode may yield different results as well. Start > Run > netsh > interface ipv6

When the prompt says netsh interface ipv6 you can run the following italicized commands:

Install IPv6: install

Disable Teredo: set teredo disable

Enable Teredo (client): set teredo client <-Client is used by µTorrent

Enable Teredo (enterpriseclient): set teredo enterpriseclient

Uninstall IPv6: uninstall

Show Teredo info (state/error and stuff): show teredo

P.S. Except for DMZ computers, NAT routers are also firewalls by there nature.

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Sorry, I should have realized that the NWLINK2 question might be better posted in a different forum, I apologize.

I use Windows XP SP2.

And if Teredo works like a NAT bypassing service, which I assumed it did, and I have no NAT set up for my computer, (my DMZ) could that be screwing things up?

I'm going to look at Sygate and see if I can find some answers, but I have a feeling that it's not that, though Sygate does get a bit wonky sometimes with very few select programs.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day, guys. Appreciate it.

EDIT: I did the things GTHK suggested, aside from the uninstall (I can exit the firewall entirely, with no traces or footprints. I'm going to try and view a few webpages here and there, do something network/CPU intensive. Will EDIT again or New Post with results. BTW, it said I had to reboot to finish the ipv6 uninstall. Dunno if I should yet, as I want to test things out against not having a firewall up, and having it up. The Teredo report said all settings were defaulted, I didn't see any obvious problems. Will report.


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I don't seem to be slowing down, but I dunno if IPv6 would be messing with me, or if it's just a Teredo client with no IPv6 to tunnel for. Going to try using my firewall now, wish me luck. Also, please try to explain what's going on? Thanks.

Edit: Everything seems to be fine when running Sygate. Doesn't seem to be going bonkers on either my firewall or the Teredo itself, everything is still default. Could it be just IPv6 and not Teredo messing my system up?

Edit2: Correction, it just now started to slow down my connection speed after about 10 minutes with my firewall on.Going to turn my firewall off for a second, and see if it improves or not.

Edit3: Odd, my firewall is still up, but I disabled Network Neighborhood printer/file sharing, and now it works fine. ??? Pages are loading quickly, correctly, and everything seems to be in order. Weird.

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