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I know that I may regret the laughs I get from posting this - but can someone please explain the terminology of seeding. Also leeches and feeders. I am very new to all this and really want to make sure I use the enivornment correctly and am feeling rather daunted at all the terminology being used.

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Well it isn't that hard to learn, but nothing to be shamed about :)

A 'seeder' is a person who has the file for 100% and uploads it to other people, who are called 'leechers' until they own the file themself for 100%, upoad it themself and become a seeder, etc....

A torrent starts thus with 1 seeder and a lot of leechers, and after a while there is a growing number of seeders when people managed to download the torrent themself.

For the best download rates, you should seek torrents with a lot of seeders, because more people uploading = higher download speed. Finally, it's interesting too to download torrents with little seeders and many leechers, because it means that you will be able to upload to many people to keep your up/down ratio good.

This is the basis, so i hope it's a bit clearer now :)

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"leechers" also have a very negative meaning of people who download but never upload.

"feeders" best I can figure would just be another word for seeders...as they "feed" everyone the file/s in a torrent. Maybe they are the first/original seed for the torrent.

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thank you people for explaining these

okey i understood the seeders and leachers

but now it is about the peers...

does it mean the persons who are downloading the file "FOR NOW" because when i download a file and go to peers tab i find many ips with flags, client etc..

but i can not find my ip there so can i add my ip ?

note: i tried to do this :

right click, add peer and i wrote my ip but it does not appear :(

is it invisible for me ?

and sorry to post my question in a posted thread instead of posting new one

because i said it is bad to post new thread just to ask about same question ;)


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The Peers tab/window shows peers+seeds you're connected to.

You should not be connecting to yourself.

Peers are downloaders who don't have all the torrent yet. They're sometimes called "leechers" as well.

You can convert what you see in Peers tab/window to simple ips by right-clicking in the window and unchecking Resolve IPs.

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