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utorrent 1.8 BSOD


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I just upgraded to utorrent 1.8 yesterday and there seems to be a problem;

everytime I run utorrent 1.8 for about an hour or so I get a BSOD that says, "BAD_POOL_HEADER"

This has to be caused by utorrent 1.8 because it doesn't happen when its not running and it didn't happen with utorrent 1.7.7.

Any help would be appreciated


Anti-Virus: NOD32 V3.0

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I have the same BSOD (BAD_POOL_HEADER) problem. For me anyway, I've narrowed the problem down to the resume.dat file. If ever I close utorrent and reopen, or start it again after a reboot I have this problem. I'm currently running the latest beta, but I tried downgrading to v1.8stable but I still had the problem.

If I delete the resume.dat file all is well and I can open the program fine, but I lose all my torrents.

Never had a problem until v1.8. PC runs fine until a file needs to resume downloading in uTorrent.

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You don't need to assume that everyone posting with a problem is an idiot. I fix PCs for a living, and am by no means technically incompetent.

I meant that I have just done one... prior to posting on this thread. I'll be running another tonight just for kicks, but I'm pretty sure that's not the problem.

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I've the same problem, since I run utorrent 1.8.

I've no antivirus and no virus on my computer.

XP firewall only

I've XP SP3 (maybe SP3 is the pb)

I'll try to find previous version of utorrent. Try to fix that please :-). And another thing, I prefer the previous icon of the program to the new.

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Sorry I've not got camera, so I can't post the bluescreen.

10 crashes this evening, I'm fed up with it :/. I try to run with only utorrent process and Windows process.

Is somebody have an old version of utorrent?


I'll just come back from a BSOD. It was written: "IRQL_LESS_EQUAL" or something like that. It seems to be the same BSOD than this link:


My last driver that I've added was with this f*** iTunes and QuickTime for my iPod Touch.

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Once you do, we can examine it and tell you driver is the most likely cause.

If there's no dump files in there, enable the feature.

How to enable minidumps

Some may choose to disable the creation of minidumps (to save space perhaps?), but they are very important when troubleshooting a problem. To enable the minidumps:

1. Press Win+Pause to start the System Properties dialog;

2. Go to Advanced\Startup and recovery;

3. Ensure that Write debugging information is set to Small memory dump (64 kb).

But by default, it is enabled.

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Sorry, I disabled it, so I haven't minidumps (no to save space because they didn't take much space, but just in case of crash to reboot immediately without waiting the dumping).

My download is now finished, but next time I'll download a torrent, I'll send you minidumps.

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