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Utorrent slowed down my surfing speed.


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yes...shut off UTorrent...:) (just kidding) try this.......

1. get a green check mark at bottom of utorrent

2. go to speed guide and in the connection type box pick the speed that matches what your advertised speed is....if you have xx/512kb/s lets say...choose it then click use these settings....

3. then go to preferences / bandwidth and youll see numbers like this (top to bottom):

47/0/250/90/4 These are the defaults that UT .18 choose for that particular speed..

4. change them to this: 47/0/300/100/100 and try to only DL one torrent at a time...for 2 torrents set like this: 47/0/300/50/50

This will give you the best download speeds and still give you barely enuff to surf with.

Keep in mind that Utorrent is designed to use about 90% of your bandwidth or it would take weeks or months to DL a torrent :)

Most people find what torrents they want and wait until bedtime or work time etc...THEN set UTorrent to downloading.

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100 upload slots on a 47 KiB/s limit? That's completely and utterly ridiculous.

Your attempts to help users is appreciated, but even if you have good intentions in mind, you need to stop handing out outrageous suggestions now if you don't understand the consequences of your recommendations.

@posidon: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=258231#p258231

If nothing there helps, provide the requested information. Thanks!

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