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Browsing slows to a crawl since utorrent update


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I have 10mbps down and 1mbps up. Even when I am not downloading anything, just seeding one torrent at only say 5kb/s it slows my browser down to the point of being unusable. So its obviously not my connection because I have more than enough bandwidth. My DL speeds are good, my upload speeds are good, the only problem is that it slows my browsing to a halt.

I have all of the utorrent settings at stock(untouched). My point is checked as OK!, 32261.

My router is a D-Link DI-614+ but it is hard wired to my pc and I only use the wifi for my bedroom pc which I hardly ever use. Actually what is strange is that my bedroom PC browsing remains fast when utorrent is open on my main pc but my main pc with utorrent open is slow as heck.

Thanks in advance.

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Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > System. Do you have a bunch of items with an event ID of 4226? Also, have you followed the setup guide for µTorrent? http://www.utorrent.com/setup_guide.php

After following setup, if you have a lot of logs with ID 4226, in µT go to Preferences > Advanced > pick net.max_halfopen and change it to 4 (or reset it if it's not at the default of eight), otherwise follow this: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=15992#p258231

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hmm I followed the setup guide to a T and set my net.max_halfopen to 4 and I am still getting 4226 warnings in event viewer. Browsing is still slow when Utorrent is open even when I am only uploading @20kb/s with no downloading. Browser is fast with utorrent off.

Also thinking back this all started roughly when the last utorrent update happened. Should I revert back to an older version?

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Well I only have 2 PC's hooked up to the router, my main PC which is hard wired to it and my bedroom PC via wifi. I can't figure this out. Everything was perfectly fine about a month or so ago.

I only use my bedroom PC for light surfing, not torrent or downloading at all. On my main PC thats hardwired I have no other downloading apps or anything using bandwidth other than utorrent and browser.

Fairly recent install of XP w\SP3

Specs are high (quad core,4GB RAM, good NIC card etc...)

Patched XP with TCP/IP patch

Using FF3

Using Latest Utorrent build

followed setup guide to a T

Set net.max_halfopen to 4 AND tried 8 (was on 8 before, default)

Tried with disabled DHT and peer exchange

Still nothing would solve the issue. Keep in mind that everything was fine about 2-4 weeks ago. Browsing was fast even when utorrent was using majority of my bandwidth. Now its at a stand still, pages take upto minutes to load whenever utorrent is open. I am getting fewer 4226 errors but still getting a couple (don't know if thats relevant or not).

I just tried this:

reset FF3 user preferences to default settings

reset my cable modem

reset my router to deault settings

reset torrent back to default settings

Still the same issue, browsing at a crawl.

Next I will try the previous utorrent build.

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I have no other processes that use my bandwidth open aside from my browser and utorrent.

But what would be alot of 4226 errors? Is a few ok? I have 14 in the past 24hrs.

Also I seem to have jumped the gun on my last post. Since I reset everything back to default (approx 1 hour ago) and rebooted my PC my browsing is now quick again with utorrent open at the same time. I hope it stays that way.

What I have done:

reset utorrent back to default and then only changed the following settings:

-enabled protocol encyption

-set my net.max_halfopen to 4

also reset my cable modem and router back to default settings.

Anyway here is a screenshot of my processes running and also my event viewer open:


this is also typically always the same when browsing\torrenting I am a minimalist and use my PC for basically only gaming, media, downloading and browsing.

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;) Making sure you're not using something else. You should make sure uTorrent is an exception in NOD32... though it's not that necessary when running the 1.8.1 beta (it hacks around the error causing troubles with pre 3.0 versions)

Good to hear it's better. the halfopen @ 4 should definitely improve performance.

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