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Lame Download Speeds ??


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hi there, i have a green status light in the bottom corner of utorrent, but i still only download at 20-60 kbs a second. speed test i did said i had a download of 4334 kbps and upload of 129. when i do the port checker it says my port that im using isnt open even though i get the green tick. i have a modem and a wirless router, both which i have portforwarded utorrents port.

i changed my incomeing connections from 8 to 4, tryed all the things in the guide ultima wrote like turning of dht etc, no change in my speed.

speed guide settings : upload limit 18 : upload slots 4 : connections per torrent 140 :

global connections 260 : max active torrents 1 : max active downloads 1 :

net.max_halfopen is set to 4 from 8, hasnt changed anything

operating system is vista

only have windows firewall but doesnt seem to change anything weither i have it off or on

modem is a dynalink rta1335, router is a belkin f5d7230-4

my isp is slingshot new zealand. any help would bee appreciated .

also can someone tell me why theres so many people with 100 percent but i dont download off them ?

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ok i did that and nothing seems to have changed much. is there any way to connect to more seeders ? as im only connected to 30 (92)... also can someone explain to me why my download speeds are so slow compared to downloading someonthing from a web site.. i mean 10-30 kb per second seems alot more slower then 512..

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Test a torrent from here... How quickly does it rum?

You don't need to connect to more seeds/peers to get faster speeds. BitTorrent is often slower than HTTP because you're downloading from other people who may not have as high an upload rate as web servers may have, and yet, are still uploading to other peers besides yourself.

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