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Cnt use Utorent in LAN.Help.


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I have been using utorrent on a single desktop machine for some time.now i have three more systems and and use two ADSL connections.I use a DLink DI-LB604 load balancing router for automatic fail-over.I dont use load-balancing feature.The primary ADSL connection is on a HUAWEI MT841 modem/router and the backup connection on a TERRACOMM TAD100 (Beetel 220BX) modem/router.I have 4 PCs user1,user2,user3,server.

The PC, user1 which i use has two NIC's of which one is connected directly to the DI-LB604 router and the other NIC is connected to the LAN switch for connecting to the domain.My internet access is through the NIC connected to the DI-LB604.The other machines are all connected to the LAN and use a proxy server to access internet.

The problem is i don't know how to open a port in such a situation.I tried to assign a port using Virtual Server option in the DI-LB604 router.but utorrent is showing red icon in the status.When i used the Tearracomm TAD100 modem alone i was able to open a port in the Virtual Server page in the TAD100 modem.please advice.

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