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Corrupted File system (win32)


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I have a serious issue regarding the way the client handles saving of files. It seems my problem is triggered by the initiation of the auto shutdown feature. This has happened twice. When used, the remaining stuff downloads and the computer shuts down. But the file(s) that was downloading before it shut down are now corrupted.

The folder cannot be viewed, in any windows browser or open dialouge box without the explorer crashing. They Cannot be deleted in win xp's console either. Any attempt to do this will crash it.

I can however view and open the files in any easy boot version of Linux such as Knoppix. Strange thing is if i copy the corrupted folder in Linux, and then delete the old one. The problem is still there within winxp, so it does copy some extra data along.

Even copying only one of the files to another location still causes this to be the case.

It sounds like a problem with the file system, since whatever metadata that is stored along with the files does not affect their playability/viewability in linux.

If this is unsolvable is their any advice as to what application might let me change this filesystem data or at least look at it?

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I saw the same thing on a cousin's computer just last week. The issue caused the computer to slow down massively, and chkdsk (indeed) couldn't repair it. At best, you'll probably need to reinstall Windows completely with a hard format (not a quick NTFS format) on the partition. At worst, it might be that your hard disk is dying, in which case you'll need to replace it.

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