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Some Utorrent Problems...


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1st : When I Delete Any File From Utorrent 1.8 it dont ask that *do u want to delete file? Yes Or No*

it direct delete it.... how can i find that MSG to ask before deleting *DO You Want To Delete File? Yes Or No*

2nd : When I Right Click On Any File I Am Seeding I Can Do Update Tracker

But When I Right Click On Any File I Am Downloading I Cant Do Update Tracker

before i could do it in Downloading File and Seeding File but now i can do only on seeding file

plzzzz help me here is screenshot how i cant do on downloading file...

::: Seeding File ScreenShots :::


::: Downloading File ScreenShots :::


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You can find the option in the Preferences for the confirmation dialogs.

To understand the Update tracker behavior, go to the Trackers tab, right click on the column headers, and tick the columns Interval and Min.Interval. You can ONLY manually update between those two values. If they are the same value, the tracker does NOT want you manually updating any more often than that.

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