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Opening Ports


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I am completely new to this and I have tried to open ports with a maximum of the green tick saying I am connected for like 5 minutes, grrrrr.

My router is a DTS502T and have followed the instructions to set my ports. Can someone please explain to me how you choose a random port number and does it matter what number you choose????? I have added the port as an exception in Zone Alarm and allowed it in AVG. Ho hum, my downloads speeds are below 10kbs. Could someone please explain to me how you choose a port number and will any number do???? Thanks in anticipation

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Well if you have a router and you will need to setup Port forwarding so it is best to pick a port number between 10000-50000, these Higher Port Ranges are usually not blocked by Most ISP's.

As long as you Only have 1 Router (IF you have DSL and a Modem Suspect that it is a Combo unit.) See this Guide on that issue:


If you in fact Only have 1 router then go here and follow this Guide:


OK You will Also need to setup a Static IP so Please Read this guide on how to Choose a Static IP:


that should get you the green tick!! Well if your ISP isn't blocking you and you setup your Firewalls correctly ;)

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