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RSS filtering - the automation thread


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Hi all,

I am creating this thread for users like myself, who use the RSS downloader filters to

automate uTorrent downloads of various types. This thread assumes that you

have read the FAQ and existing RSS docs!

The idea is to discuss how RSS downloading works, and perhaps share some useful

hints and ideas with others.

So please post your filter (after removing "sensitive" info if needed)

Let's get the examples going.

To automatically download new tv shows:

Filter: *

Feed: (add the feed of choice where new shows appear)

Quality: All

Check box - Episode Number: 1x1-2

Minimum interval: Match always

This filter will trigger on all torrent names, if it is the first season and first or second episode. So you never need to search for new shows, the filter will do that for you.

Please note! Be careful when choosing a feed, your choice can be either one specific feed, or All feeds you have configured. If you choose to go with All feeds, the filter will

sometimes trigger on things like "Wierd names 101".

Only solution to this is to choose an RSS feed focused on tv shows.

Comments, ideas?

**Make sure you have read the existing docs and the FAQ, it saves you from humiliating yourself in public :-) **

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