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internet slows to nothing?????


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i saw old postings on this but no solutions. i downloaded some patch that admin suggested but that didnt work. if i start one download internet works half the time, anymore than one and internet practically stops... it still works it just takes 10 min for a page to open. been messing with settings reading the setup guide, have uninstalled reinstalled. torrents download great still even when i put several on at a time. problem started the day after i upgraded to v1.8. it was fine before. internet will not work right after i use utorrent untill i restart my pc. amd sempron 3600 2.0 ghz, 4 gigs ram. pc works great, cable internet at 100 mbs is lightning fast untill i start a download, then its like stoneage dial-up or worse.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! love utorrent, been using for awhile and had no problems till now?????????????????????????????????????????????

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