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Help Restoring Completed Torrents for Seeding


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Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and was hoping I could find an answer here or some help, I recently was messing with some memory settings and ended up screwing up some of my memory and lost all of the torrents I had in my completed list that I was seeding, I belong to a site where I have to seed what I download and I usually don't delete from my seeding list to keep up my ratio, now my question is if there is anyway to restore all those torrents I was seeding, I mean I still have them but restore the list that was in there, because there was somewhere over 100 in there, I always save the actual torrent file when I download one instead of just opening it to utorrent, I save them in a directory, but is there anyway to move the file over to utorrent to seed not to download. Any help would be appreciated.


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