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speed problem


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being new to the computer world I would really appreciate some help. my problem is that u torrent is downloading very slow. its average download speed is around 2 kb/s although most of the time it seems to be around 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 kb/s. This is the situation.........

Network ok

Ihave a 1MB cable connection

Downspeed is 923 kb/s

Upspeed is 95 kb/s

I'm using windows XP s.p. 2

Im running Norton I.S.

I've tried to forward ports but not sure if ive done it correctly as a port test on ports 6881-6889 said they were in 'stealth'

My isp is NTLworld in the UK

Please could anyone help as my head is going to explode!

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sorry, I should have said in my first post. Ive followed your mini guide as much as I can understand. this is what Ive done..........

Set ICP/IP Optimizer to just below my max d/load speed

Visited your german friend but ive no win XP cd (copy is legal but cd didnt come wiv PC)

Tweaked utorrent settings exactly as you showed

in light of this do you think that this is the fastest d/load speed im going to get. many thanks for ur patience

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Visited your german friend but ive no win XP cd (copy is legal but cd didnt come wiv PC)

You don't need a CD Key to perform the patch operation. :P

And no, your download speeds are very slow, something's definitely wrong with it. :(

1.) I'm not sure if NTLworld is messing up your BitTorrent experience, but if you think/know this is the case (most likely it is), turn peer.lazy_bitfield to *true;

2.) You have Network OK, but you probably have a firewall somewhere which is stealthing your port. Add µTorrent as the exception (sorry I can't be specific as this varies widely between products);

3.) I still feel that your ISP may be to blame...have other people with the same ISP told you of any similar experience? Alternatively, you may want to try another client to see if you get better speeds, if this is not the case, then most likely your ISP is interfering with your BitTorrent traffic. :/

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