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VistaGlazz + Vista SP1 + uTorrent 1.8 b.11813 = crash


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I was trying out VistaGlazz today to check out some homemade themes for Vista (SP1, 32bit)

and noticed that uTorrent started crashing after it.

I guess VistaGlazz patches some system files to allow for running custom themes, and somehow this conflicts with uTorrent. My friend who is running the same setup (Vista SP1, 32bit) also has the same problem.

So what happends is, when I try to add a torrent, from a file or url, uTorrent crashes.

I got a couple of dumps here for you to check out.


Removing or "unpatching" VistaGlazz solves the problem.

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May not be vistaglazz as the only issue. I run Vista SP1 +64 Ultimate system and ran utorrent 1.7 no problems at all. Put 1.8 on and it keeps crashing.

With 1.7 on, I wasn't running windowblinds. 3 days ago I reinstalled my operating system, however, I put utorrent 1.8 on it. This ran okay until yesterday, when I re-installed windowsblinds and now I get the crashdump.

Strange thing about all this is when utorrent opens, I have it opening straight to the taskbar, not opening the utorrent window up. It runs there fine as I left it there overnight and it ran all night. If I try to open it up to get the display window, this is when it crashes.

Personally, I don't think the issue is with windowsblinds as utorrent wouldn't run in the taskbar either.

EDIT - Since posting this, I have tried a few things.

1/ I have uninstalled windowblinds and utorrent, and installed windowsblinds first, utorrent second. Still getting the crashdump

2/ Uninstalled windowblinds completely No crashdump

3/ Installed windowblinds loaded it up again Got the crashdump

4/ Unloaded windowblinds (not uninstalled it, basically shut it down) No crashdump

I have to definately put it down to a conflict with both programs running together. Where can I get a copy of 1.7 and lower from, as I will try these until further notice.

CrashDump File

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Nope, at present, only windowblinds which changes the display, no widgets etc used as yet.

EDIT - I may narrowed down a solution - if I reboot the pc and don't load windowblinds at startup, but utorrent loads, then after the pc is ready, load windowblinds, I don't get the crashdump. However, if I turn utorrent off and then on again whilst windowblinds is running, I get the crashdump.

Hope this helps some users and helps in trying to find a solution.

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