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Internet down after Utorrent crash


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Hey all,

I have a problem and I hope someone can help me.

Today I installed utorrent 1.8 on my new laptop (with Vista 32-bit) and happily started using it.

However, after a while utorrent crashed, and crashed again and crashed again, and my internet connection would go down, indicating "Network Only" at the connection icon in my task bar. The network was named "unknown network" but i dont know whether or not this has always been the case. When I restarted, the connection would be back up.

This continued for some time until i got tired off it and wanted to delete utorrent. At first, i was unable to delete it because it was still being used, so i renamed it and then restarted.

When I got back on, the file was deletable, and I thought all was fine now. However, the internet connection was still down. It still indicated a "local only" connection. It's not the ISP because my other housemates are able to connect to the internet using my wall-connection.

Oddity is that also my wireless connection, when connected to a router, is unable to connect to the internet (again local only).

I already restarted my pc, completely uninstalled utorrent, installed it again, did a system restore, and lots of other things but i cant come up with any other ideas anymore.

Can someone please help me. Im not very good with computers so if you help me please indicate what i have to do.

Thanks in advance. :)

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I managed to resolve the issue, although I'm not sure how.

This happend when my computer failed to start up Windows all together, so I performed a Windowns-Repair action. When it finished, everything worked again, so I guess that did the trick.

Eitherway, no more uTorrent for me. From now on I'll just stick to DC++.

Everyone thanks for their help nonetheless. :)


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