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utorrent 1.77 Trojan infection ??


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I am using Utorrent and F Secure for more than 2 years by now and they didn't have any problems with each other.

Exept for the last day when suddently F-Secure jumped with this messege and I had to delete Utorrent. As said for almost 2 years no such thing happend conflict


I must say that i tryed 1.8 deleted it downloaded 1.77 from another site , it worked for over a week with no problem.

Now I downloaded and installed version 1.8 from here and so far no problem from F-Secure.

So could this be a new trojan that infects the utorrent.exe file (since the F Secure database has no description for this trojan) ??

Or maybe older version of Utorrent have been infected with a hidden trojan and uploaded on other sies ?

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