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new version seems to be rs to my uniformed eye


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I cannot seem to find a thread for complete idiots to use, so I hope this is ok.

I have just updated to the latest version.

It looks the same to me, except that the desktop icon is different.

However, my download speed has dropped from a norm of about 50Kbps to around 8.

Files are no longer moved to the specified folder on completion.(they used to, and I haven't altered anything on the "new" version).

Altho seeds are set to stop when they reach 100%, (and they always used to) they now just keep seeding.

Is it possible that somehow I just downloaded the new Icon? but if so, why has everything changed?

I do not understand much of technical jargon, but as I said, I can't find anywhere for Idiots like me to put up questions, and I reckon that about 90% of uTorrent users have about as much technical knowhow as me.

I also just updated my Internet to a faster service, and changed over to Voip phone. As a result, the computer is now being used as a router, with my ADSL modem now going thru the Voip ATA. Could this be a problem?

Can you help in laymans terms? Please?


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