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Ip that i show in peers to others how do i see it my self ?


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Hi every one im new here and have what is probably a newb question but i cant seem to find the answer even google failed me.

I have set up the proxy settings in utorrent how do i know its working and shielding /hiding my ip.

my downloads started off dam slow but now its running just as fast as it ever did and i assumed as i was running through a proxy it would run slower.

so how do i see the ip that i show to the peers and what not and know that i got it set up right.

Thanks in advance

a confused newbie

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You could try a test torrent with fewer than 100 combined seeds+peers and let it run for 2-4 hours. Then check your Peer List (Peers window, right-click, Copy Peer List, paste into wordpad or notepad)...if your REAL internet ip address is in the peer list, then your proxy IS NOT WORKING RELIABLY!

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