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uTorrent almost kill my connection


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Hi all!

this problem came with uTorrent 1.8, the previous versions worked flawlessly for years.

When I start the client any other program cannot use the connection, it looks like uTorrent steal all the bandwidth!

In fact it continues to work and download, and it's fast, but I can't surf the web, use skype, I can't also connect to my local router config page in Firefox! (and it's, of course, on my local lan)

There is a tweak / wrong settings / something which can help me?

PS: sorry for my english

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#2 thanks a lot!

I was so stupid to not control the event viewer...

I've done also some things as suggested in the "read before post" (sorry, I didn't read it carefully) (rebuild the rule in windows firewall, lowering max connections and patched tcpip), now things are going well.

But now I'm wondering why all these problems AFTER updating to 1.8 from 1.7??

I've patched tcpip because I've done it in the past but I think sp3 reset it to max 10 connections; maybe the real trick was delete and recreate the rule in winzozz firewall.

to #4

The speed settings are the same of old utorrent, down=unlimited, up=20Kbytes (real connection 400KBytes/32KBytes

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