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Problems with U\D limits.


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First of all hi, i'm new to this forum.

I have a problem with the utorrent caps.

i read here that the app caps the download speed if i limit the up speed below 5kb\s.

Well my connection speed is 1.5mbps\64kbps. or 192kbs\8kbs.

so if i put the up limit to 5kbs then i can't even get a 100kbs on my download speed.

usually what i am used to do is to download the file fully and the to seed at max up speed until i reach the needed ratio on the private tracker.

is there any solution for this?

and now lol i can't make up speed higher through the isp. the bastards want 20US$ just to make the up speed to 128kbps(16kbs).

thanks in advance!

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