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New location for torrent data, recheck?


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Actually, I go into the uTorrent preferences and designate where I want the torrent to be moved to, by checking the "Move Torrent" box and unchecking "Move only from Default Download Directory", then clicking Browse and choosing the location. So now wherever it saves to (default location or not) it'll automatically move when it's complete. And I don't notice any "recheck" that you speak of.

You'd have to create a folder for it to be placed in, call it "Torrents" or something. I don't think it can just be placed in the drive itself, though I've never tried.

Hope this helps.

Also, the same way, you can also make the other drive the default downloading/saving location by doing all that with the other location chooser thingy right above it. But I haven't used that one so I don't know if it actually makes where you choose the location it saves to. But it might be worth a shot.

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Yes. There are already so many ways to move torrent data and avoid the recheck part that its weird IMO that only in manual cases you have to do the extra step of downloading the torrent again.

Like renaissance described if you have a "downloading" directory and "finished downloads" directory, there is not a recheck because the moving is automatic.

However i do not want to move every torrent, and for what its worth, ive never had any corruption issues when moving data. If there was corruption e.g. corrupted or dying hard drive. Id pretty surly notice it without utorrent recheck.

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