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green check and yellow triangle


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Hi, first off, let me apologize in advance for any stupid questions I may ask since I'm new to messing with my network connections. Having said that, I'm having some download problems with my utorrent (on windows vista).

I'm connected through bellsouth dsl lite and followed the portforward instructions for my westell C90-610030-06 router and belkin F5D7230-4 router. I followed the separate port forwarding instructions for the two even though my belkin is connected to my westell. I've also opened up the port on my kaspersky firewall (windows firewall disabled). However the port forward check on utorrent always says that my port isnt open. Other websites that check port forwarding also give me the same port closed problem. My utorrent is downloading but they are slow (usually around 10kbs, sometimes to 25, rarely to 50-80kbps) and my connections is mostly yellow triangle but sometimes it's the green check. Could someone please help me figure out why 1) the port forward says my port is closed but utorrent downloads whether it's a green check or yellow triangle? 2) if that is a problem, how do i go about fixing it? and 3) if there's anything I could do to keep my download speed up?


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Does your modem also contain a mini-router or firewall that needs to be configured or disabled?

Is the 1st router forwarded to the 2nd router, or do you have the 2nd router set up in bridge mode?

Belkin routers require far more conservative settings than most. They're crap that overloads easy.

Even my suggested uTorrent settings (2nd link in my signature) may be too much for them. :(

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