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[toolbar] Vista


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I'd like to offer a suggestion, if I may:

the remove torrent icon looks out of place.

you could use the stop torrent icon as the remove icon, and make another red icon with a white square outline


| |


I can't do ascii art, if you haven't noticed...but the concept is there. not a solid color, just outline. I think it'd really tie the toolbar together nicely

but you're on to something, and it looks sweet on my vista vs as-is, but those final touches would set it off completely and would make it my default toolbar for install. (default meaning installing it through my $OEM$ folder on my unattended xp cd.)

little tip for those who don't know, if you want to install custom icons, toolbars, whatever for µT, you can do it by making the following folder tree in your $OEM$ folder:


and put the toolbars in the µtorrent folder. this is also an easy way to install µT itself.

lol, got a bit carried away there.. ^^;

edit: then you can get a bit more advanced and put an entry in your runonce to run uT so it can make desktop/start menu icons...ooh, I <3 figuring these things out like this on-the-fly like so at 5am...@.@ :D

lol, seriously, I've never even tried this and I already know it'd work...crazy.....

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is it possible for the settings.dat, resume.dat and dht.dat and all the icons and toolbars to be in the main folder?

and $PROGS copies them to Program Files? .. what i did is rename the folder in %APPDATA% and start the exe i modified the settings as i want and now it installs unattended (copies the settings too) so it doesn't ask a million questions.. :) i created a shortcut on the desktop too :)

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from what I've read, you can have all the settings and stuff in the same folder as utorrent; I'm gathering this info from the posts of other people wanting to share their settings over different user profiles. when I get some free time I'll be testing this out thoroughly. (I need to reinstall vmware and make another iso.. nuhi released rc5 and I need to use that :P)

I'll have results soon. and if I'm still awake, I'll write up a small tutorial in the general forum

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