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alternate list background color


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  • 2 weeks later...

is there a chance this may get changed?

i cant spot the difference, and my settings are factory standards (for both v7 22" monitor and sony bravia tv)

i didnt actually beleive you until i got mspaint out and filled in the white area to see alternating rows!


forgot to mention, could someone please move this to the feature request forum?


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hmm strange

i guess the factory standards on 2 of my monitors must be too bright to see it or something

i cant see it on my laptop either, but i know for sure that thing is bright

guess i'll post a feature request to make that color changable

something i dont see happening anytime soon

thanks for your help thelittlefire

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Yes, on dark color chemas approach from 1.8 is better than 1.7.7 but on "windows standard" i can see no alternating colors.

Please make alternate list background setting user adjustable. I've using white (255,255,255) background and at present alternating color is (int)(255.0*0.97)=247

I can see the difference only with gamma less than 0.5 on my monitor. I think the multiplier should be no more than 0.9

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You'll need to adjust your monitor's contrast and such. If you can't see the difference, then your monitor is definitely screwing up the rest of your computer viewing experience anyway.

Nope, the TV settings are completely factory standard and work fine for other apps, games, wii, ps3 and movies.

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So... if you lower brightness and/or increase contrast do you see them? I understand it's a pain to reconfigure things... MOST of the time things work perfectly OOB, but the fact there's even testing patterns for the digital age analogous to the old bars to help with tuning equipment indicates the desire to be standardized. http://www.engadgethd.com/2008/04/10/sarnoff-develops-new-test-patterns-for-digital-tv-equipment/


(Some browsers may not render the SVG.. tsk tsk)

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i can understand when people say things arent always configured right straight out of the box.

not everything has the same configuration for contrast, brightness, color saturation, etc.

but then again, not everyone has a dark desktop theme either.

there are lots of applications which have alternating row colors which are much more noticable than utorrent.

perhaps a configuration option beside the "alternate row colors" checkbox could be implemented?

ie. Option to choose between "dark theme" or "light theme" setting which changes the multipler can be added

personally im not too fussed. its just one tiny feature that is "nice to have" but doesnt affect functionality in any way

i'm not gonna bother reconfiguring the brightness/contrast of my display just for this feature.

especially if i have to reconfigure it again when i run other apps/games/movies/etc display (which are displaying fine as is)

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