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yet another ndis related bsod problem


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Lately I've been getting bsods pointing to ndis.sys at random intervals whenever using µtorrent. I read the FAQ and searched the forums, but although others have had similar problems, I couldn't find any post that helped me. Should I have happened to overlook something -> my bad, please point me to the relevant thread.

I'm on Vista 64 SP1, using Avira AntiVir Personal and the Firewall that comes with Net Limiter 2.0. I haven't currently set any bandwidth restrictions in Net Limiter, though.

I used to get this problem a couple of months ago -> updated my network drivers (onboard VIA Rhine II crap card) -> problem solved.

I didn't have any bsods for months, now they've suddenly returned. There haven't been any driver updates for my card. I'm already using the latest drivers so I can't just fix it the same way again.

Haven't changed anything about my system recently, apart from installing some Vista hotfixes. Also I updated to the latest µtorrent build before the troubles started. Going back to 1.8 didn't help, though.

I'd be most grateful for anything that might help me narrow down the problem.

Would it possibly help to buy a decent network card?


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