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Force continued download although file is in use


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I'm wondering if there's any way, like in the advanced settings or something, to make uTorrent continue downloading the torrent although one of the incomplete files in the torrent is in use (AKA download the other files instead).

You'd think this would be solved by just setting the file you want to use to SKIP, but noooo... Somehow it is still downloading parts of it. I don't really see why. When you set it to skip you want it to skip, and then when it tries to download the file that is in use the whole torrent just stops and displays an error.

Why would you want to use an incomplete file? Well, for example, you're downloading a tv season and one of the episodes is something like 99,7% finished. You want to watch it NOW and you know that it's only going to hiccup slightly at the point where there's a part missing. You don't mind this, it is minor. You're behind a quite slow connection (you don't know the half of it...) and downloading the last piece can take up to 15 mins so of course you want to watch it right away. But then uTorrent stops downloading the whole season, ALTHOUGH you have set this incomplete file to SKIP.

Any solution??

(And please, don't just say "Wait for it to finish", because if I was that kind of person I wouldn't be writing this post.)


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