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Utorrent Makes IE Going Very Slow!!!why???, Please help me °°


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hi guys!i've been using Utorrent for a while and i've never had a problem with this simple and fast-downloading software, but after i've formatted my Pc and i've installed Sp2(well there was Sp2 too when i was using utorrent without problems)it doesn't work at all!!i mean the program itself works great as usual, but it makes Internet Explorer going REALLY REALLY Slow!!!it's not a settings matter, cause i've used the same utorrent settings °° so could u please tell me why i can't use utorren as i previously used to?:°°

on my pc there's installed Kaspersky+WinXp Sp2(italian Version)+Sp2Firewall...if u need some information please ask for them!i would do anything to make Utorrent work again on my pc!!

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