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Windows XP update causing problems?


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Hi all, I recently did some windows xp (home ed.) updates and have noticed I'm now getting too many tcp/ip connections (Event ID 4226). I did not have this problem with 1.8 prior to the windows updates. My net max half open is set all the way down to 3 (was at 4 when I began noticing the problem) and I'd never had this issue before. Anyone know if there's a recent hotfix that could be to blame? My speeds have also gone way down when the 4226 errors occur (which is very intermittent) despite having just upgraded to a 16M/2M connection. I'm not being throttled, know that for sure. I am using Switek's suggested settings for xx/1Mbit (don't want to use up my full 2M ul speed). I have avast antivir, no software firewall, dgl 4100 router with correctly open port.

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Event 4226 errors are not how many TCP connections you're receiving...it's when the number of new connections you're trying to make outgoing AT ONCE is exceeding window's limit.

Check other network-using software to see if it's making lots of outgoing connections too.

TCP View is useful for that task.

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uTorrent v1.8 and even it seems the current v1.8.1 betas have issues with causing 4226 errors when they are set under windows limit. It's compounded by bugs in Windows XP/Vista not handling the extra connections correctly.

I hope there's a solution soon. All the strange problems people are having may be somehow related to that.

Do you have DHT, UPnP, LPD disabled?

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Yes, they are all disabled. If it helps at all, I didn't get this problem until I did the following windows xp updates:



















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Yep I've got it all the way down to 3. Had it at 4 prior to the 1.8 upgrade with no problems, lowered to 3 when the tcp limit errors started, and am still getting them. Upnp is off, DHT off, resolve countries off. PEX is the only thing on.

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