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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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It was fixed internally, but Directrix is still working on various other annoyances (like sorting issues). It'll be there for the next release, whenever it may be. It might happen after Directrix fixes an annoying sort issue, but if Directrix decides to skip the sorting issue for now to push a release out the door that fixes numerous other issues reported in the last few days, it'll be there.

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Sorry if this is not the best way to post a problem, but I think this is not a real bug of WebUI.

I downloaded the webui.zip of the first page of this threat, and when I load it in the uTorrent, in the title bar puts WebUI v3.15. Is there any problem with the download link?

Thanks and great work!

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v0.360 released! Check the first post for the link/changelog. There is an issue when used with µTorrent < 1.8 where the WebUI doesn't load properly, but this should be fixed after a reupload of the zip file that should hopefully happen later today.

Remember to check the HowTo and the bugtracker for known issues before reporting them again!

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Utorrent 1.8 (build 11813)

Webui 0.360

I had 0.350 installed and working fine. downloaded 0.360 and now stuck at Loading.

Deleted Settings.dat & settings.dat.old, restarted uTorrent and reconfigured but still the same.

Deleted all cookies etc but still stuck at loading. Even went as far as removing Java and reinstalling.

Is 0.350 still available for download anywhere?

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You don't like 1.8, whoopty doo -- I don't think we really care. We're tired of users complaining about 1.8 because they're almost invariably leechers that got caught. Either way, all of that has nothing to do with webui, so how's about you leave the ranting out of this thread, mkay?

Although the breakage was unintentional this time around (yes, zomg, unintentional -- and it's already been fixed for the forthcoming v0.361), compatibility between the official webui and 1.7.7 won't be guaranteed to last forever once the backend begins improving. If you decide to stick with old builds, that'll be your own problem -- there's no reason webUI development should be tied back just because a few people want to stick with an old, insecure*, and unsupported build. Kthx.

* - µTorrent 1.7.7 is insecure in more ways than one -- including on the webUI front, like that CSRF issue.

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great, finnaly new version, been waiting for a long time now ;)

spared me some time with included translations :P

okay.. lets get to the thing :P

webui gets stuck on "loading" in;

opera {Opera 9.52 build 10108} [at index.html and guest.html]

internet explorer {IE 7.0.5730.13} [at index.html only]

utorrent version: 1.8.1b build 11903

webui version: 0.360

works great in safari and firefox.

i hope that the Create torrent function will be added soon. [as soon as possible? :P]

all hail the developers



- extract the webui.zip

- open index.html in text editor

- search for; <div id="sb">

and replace with;

<div id="sb" style="display:none;">

- compress extracted files back into webui.zip

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