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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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Firefox on Mac OSX is a joke... but I cannot confirm. What addons are you using?

Edit: my thought on the naming.. works fine as is, just like the utorrent-help.zip is on the server being updated whenever so you can F1 auto-download it to get the most recent... webui.zip should stay the same name for auto-update purposes... As far as old builds being available, I guess it's prudent to HAVE maybe accessible from TRAC for regression testing?

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"Show current speed in title bar" is working now but I'd like to suggest a change. It would be a lot more useful if the download and upload speeds were displayed at the start of the title, and in shorter form. That way we could monitor the speed by a quick look at the tab in our browser, and it is the way the option works in µTorrent itself.

For example: Instead of the title being "µTorrent WebUI v0.360 - Download: x.x kB/s | Upload: x.x kB/s" it would be better if it was "D:x.x k U:x.x k - µTorrent WebUI v0.360".

This would make the WebUI near-perfect to me.

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Virtual Row Threshold isn't working properly for me with 0.360

Utorrent 1.8.1b build 12024 running under WINE, Firefox3 under XP32

E.g. i have 100 torrent, but no matter what i do i can only see the first 50 rows/torrents in the webUI window, but if i hit CTRL+A it says "100 row(s) selected". If i change the Virtual row setting nothing happens, and if i refresh the webUI and then go into the settings it's back to 50 again. All the other settings work.

edit: also tried stable build 11813, but it's exactly the same.

two css errors in the FF error console:

"Unknown property 'zoom'. Declaration dropped."

"Unknown property 'wrap'. Declaration dropped."

both for main.css


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Well, Chrome seems to be having some minor issues with PNG transparency (see the toolbar buttons) :P

@tmmtmm: Those CSS warnings are unrelated :) Indeed, the setting currently isn't saved properly. It should be fixed in the next update.

@thelittlefire: That is the intent...

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I have an issue when I rearrange the columns and hide some. The torrents are not shown and I see this error in the browser console (Firefox 3.0.1):

Error: D.childNodes[C].lastChild is null

Source file: http://localhost:7881/gui/stable.js

Line: 1

My column order is:

#, Name, Size, Done, Status, Down Speed, Up Speed, Seeds, Peers, ETA, Uploaded

All the rest are hidden as well as the category box. The issue happens after the first auto refresh.

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Hah, this was one of several issues we ran into yesterday, and which Directrix fixed (hopefully, anyhow -- I haven't seen it again in internal builds). These random things that we keep finding along the way are what keep delaying the next release. Sorry for the wait time, and please bear with us -- we're trying to polish it up, after all :)

Edit: It's out!

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Just loaded 0.361 and works in IE7 now.

But when hiding columns, it affects the columns to the right of the hide.

ie, hide Labels and the figures from Available move to Peers.

Hide any column and all colums to the right are affected.

(I know what I mean, just cant describe it correctly)

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This is a message for Photon regarding his messed up webui.

I run utorrent as a service on a win2003 box, today i patched utorrent and the webui to the new version (.361 fixed me up, i was stuck on the loading screen).

I had the same issue as you, turns out i managed not to install over my old utorrent file, the new webui+old utorrent=poop on the screen. What i had to do was

1-stop the service that runs utorrent (this sits on a server, hence i almost never log into it)

2-delete utorrent from the w2003 server (the main .exe that runs utorrent)

3-i deleted the config files for utorrent as-well from the application data folder

4-installed the new utorrent

5-go through the setup in utorrent

6-quit utorrent completely

7-installed the webgui (make sure you're getting .361)

8-start the service that controls utorrent (i never deleted the service since the new utorrent uses the exact same .exe name)

9-i didnt restart my server, but i was able to log into the webgui from a networked box at this point

You may have to skip the steps involving starting/stopping the service, depending on your setup. It's working quite well atm

my setup:

pfsense box-->switch-->server running utorrent as service

to connect remotely:

remote desktop from work-->networked tower--->utorrent webui to the server (my webui isn't on a DMZ or naked to the world. Pretty much only runs internally on my network since port 8080 isnt forwarded by pfsense)

PS: I have no issues running the webui in a remote desktop window

Hope that helps Photon...

PS: Many thanks to the developers for a job well done, utorrent is SOLID!!! I don't get why people constantly complain on here

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