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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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Having a little more play with 0.361 and I'll see if I can describe what's happening more clearly.

If I hide a column, for example 'Size' then the whole column is hidden, but also the data under under 'Done'

The column 'Done' now has all the data from 'Downloaded' under it, and all the rest of the column's data, to the right of the hidden column, has shifted left.

Haven't seen anyone else mention this, so it might be my setup, but it's standard.


Utorrent 1.8 (build 11813)

Webui 0.361 (1220486382)

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Any possibility of adding a "move up" and "move down" option to the WebUI? This is really the one thing that I miss when I want to change the priority of some torrents because of slow download speeds and it is a lot simpler than having to stop the others in front of the one that I want to move up and then start them again after that one is finished.

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An updated v0.361 is now available with the following changes:

* Changed: "Max rows per page" now limited to at least 5

* Fixed: [ IE ] Column alignment issues

* Fixed: Torrent properties checkbox issues

@seven7: You need to open index.html and remove it in there aswell. It's at the end of the file.

@PabUK: Uhh, lets say your request falls under "Changed: More areas of WebUI translated." ;)

@Eejit: fixed :D.

@Milamber: Yes, that'll definitely be implemented at some point (most likely one of the first new features).

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Can i have some help please.

Everything was running great till i upgraded to SP3 & FF3.

First it just stuck on the loading page, so came here to see what the problem was.

I've deleted the settings files as said in previous posts with no joy.

Installed WebUI v0.361, but getting the same page as Photom (post 21)

I'm using Utorrent 1.7.7

Thank a lot if anyone can point me in the right direction.

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Something strange with modern webUI:

I want to show all torrents in following order in webUI

1. Downloading

right after them -

2. Seeding



and last


In modern webUI I cant achieve such a sort. If someone can tell HOWTO, it would be nice.

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I have noticed that the ETA gets a little weird after leaving WebUI open for a couple of minutes (claims 4 hours remaining when uTorrent reports 2 days). Running the latest uTorrent Beta, latest WebUI under FF3. Just noticed that IE 7 also reports a different ETA than either uTorrent or FF3.

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Why did you change the icon colours? They don't make any sense and they aren't the same colours as in the real program.

Just caused me to delete a whole bunch of torrents which I thought were done (green - which means "done" in any logical persons mind).

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@ZaInt: The icons are interchangeable; if, in your opinion, the colours are switched you can rearrange them to your liking or use another theme. You'll need to extract the zip file and open images/tstatus.png in your favourite image editing software and do the editing. If you choose to use another theme just note that the icons have to be arranged vertically and not horizontally.

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