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WebUI v0.361 ready for testing


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Better yet, pausing a torrent is enough to cause its ETA to rocket after a little bit :P

Edit: And I see where the bug lies in the code... It's in utils.js, the "toTimeString" function.

if ((y > 0) && (w >= 0)) {

output = lang[CONST.TIME_YEARS_WEEKS].replace(/%d/, y).replace(/%d/, w);

} else if ((w > 0) && (d >= 0)) {

output = lang[CONST.TIME_WEEKS_DAYS].replace(/%d/, w).replace(/%d/, d);

} else if ((d > 0) && (h >= 0)) {

output = lang[CONST.TIME_DAYS_HOURS].replace(/%d/, d).replace(/%d/, h);

} else if ((h > 0) && (m >= 0)) {

output = lang[CONST.TIME_HOURS_MINS].replace(/%d/, h).replace(/%d/, m);

} else if (m > 0) {

output = lang[CONST.TIME_MINS_SECS].replace(/%d/, m).replace(/%d/, s);

} else

output = lang[CONST.TIME_SECS].replace(/%d/, s);

The snippet in red needs to be added. Because the distributed version of WebUI is compacted, the variables won't have their full names (output is actually B, d is actually F, and h is actually D). Opening/closing braces for the if/else blocks as well as whitespaces are not preserved when compacted either. Pay attention to that! (I'm too lazy to translate the above snippet into compacted code)

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I will look at it tomorrow maybe i will find the way to fix it...

EDIT: didnt noticed your edit :) thanks for fix!



if((G>0)&&(H>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_YEARS_WEEKS].replace(/%d/,G).replace(/%d/,H)}else{if((H>0)&&(F>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_WEEKS_DAYS].replace(/%d/,H).replace(/%d/,F)}else{if((D>0)&&(C>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_HOURS_MINS].replace(/%d/,D).replace(/%d/,C)}else{if(C>0){B=lang[CONST.TIME_MINS_SECS].replace(/%d/,C).replace(/%d/,I)}else{B=lang[CONST.TIME_SECS].replace(/%d/,I)}}}}return B}


if((G>0)&&(H>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_YEARS_WEEKS].replace(/%d/,G).replace(/%d/,H)}else{if((H>0)&&(F>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_WEEKS_DAYS].replace(/%d/,H).replace(/%d/,F)}else{if((F>0)&&(D>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_DAYS_HOURS].replace(/%d/,F).replace(/%d/,D)}else{if((D>0)&&(C>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_HOURS_MINS].replace(/%d/,D).replace(/%d/,C)}else{if(C>0){B=lang[CONST.TIME_MINS_SECS].replace(/%d/,C).replace(/%d/,I)}else{B=lang[CONST.TIME_SECS].replace(/%d/,I)}}}}}return B}

in utils.js

EDIT3: I got rid of one unneeded char...

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hi everbody, im new here and i got a big problem.

i hope someone can help me out.

at the beginning the webui worked. but then i did a change in the options. when i klicked "show speed in status bar" and pushed ok, then came the error message. invalid request....

what can i do ?!?! heeellppp

*EDIT* i use utorrent 1.6.1 and downloaded the webui from here.

the protokoll says allways, when i try to connect. " (date) HTTP:myip BLOCKED : GET /gui/

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I have a big problem with the v0.361 of webui. I get this...


I run this on 2k3 server with uT 1.8.1.

The strange thing is that it works just fine from a mobile connection on my laptop.

Its from work it wont work. I used v0.316 and 310 before and they both work from here.

Im on a corporate network with proxy, but that should have no effect should it??

So what have changed from 316 to 361 that makes this one not to function properly?

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