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Internet connections freeze when using utorrent


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Got an anyiong problem here!:(

A while ago a reistalled windows cos of a virus. Had Norton before

but after that Im using ESET Nod32 pay-version.

Well the problem is that when I use my webbrowser and Utorrent at the same time the internet connection dies, it just freeze. Not using Utorrent is fast as hell but as soon as I start utorrent it dies!

But the wierd thing is that its not all times it does that, only like 95% of the times!

Before the virus when using norton, not a single problem!!!

Well my guess is that utorrent is interfearing with some plugin or something.

Maby Nod32 is not the best option or wtf i don´t know!!

This is reallllly enoying cos I cant find the problem!

So please anyona has any idea what ma cousing the bug?????

I have vista home. nod32. using itunes often and firefox browser if thats of any use!!

Thanks!!// Booz

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If you are using ESET NOD32 Antivirus v2.7.x, you should either disable NOD32's IMON component, or add µTorrent to the exclusions list in the IMON setup's "Miscellaneous" tab. If you are using ESET NOD32 Antivirus v3.x, you can add µTorrent to the HTTP web browsers exclusions list in the "Web Access Protect" section of the antivirus and antispyware setup.

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