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Unable to open other websites once utorrent is in use


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I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and after installing utorrent 1.8, there were a lot of problems:

(1) When utorrent 1.8 is in use (i.e. downloading a file), I cannot open any websites or surf the internet concurrently. It will have a message that says "Internet Explorer has Stopped Working" and even though it automatically jumps to find a solution, it will say that it detected no problem with the connection.

(2) Most times, while downloading a file, utorrent freezes up halfway. I can't do anything except to go to Task Manager and stop running utorrent, close the entire program. Worse, after utorrent has been closed, I still cannot surf the internet. I need to restart the computer. Happens every time.

(3) I cannot download more than one file simultaneously. When one file is being downloaded, the other file just does not move at all. When the earlier file is done downloading, the second file will not automatically start downloading. Even when I click "start", it just remains as it is -- not moving.

I have tried uninstalling and installing the utorrent twice; with the same results. I have had to restart my computer so many times. I also tried Bitcomet on Windows Vista. Doesn't work at all. Please advise. Thanks.

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