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A few questions from a newbie...


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Hello everyone

I am new to this whole torrent thing and I know that the information is probably somewhere in this forum but I could not find it so I have a few questions:

I understand that, in order to not be known as a leecher, the concept is that you have to distribute at least the same as what you get. I want to be a good "citizen" so I want to make sure I do this right. Now, does it have to be from the same torrent? For example, let's say I downloaded two 1gb files. Is it ok if the ratio for one is 0.000 and for the other, 2.000, resulting in an average of 1.000 or does it have to be per torrent?

In order to reduce the bandwidth needed and get the file quicker, is there a way for me to stop the upload while the file is downloading resulting in a 0.000 ratio? And, as soon as the file is downloaded, start seeding it to bring it back to at least 1.000?

I forgot to mention that, at this moment, the upload speed is about 3x the download speed (100 kb/s versus 35 kb/s). When I ran the Speed Test, the results were more approx. 8500 kb/s download and 900 kb/s upload. So, obviously, I am trying to get the most from my connection.

Also, if I need to quit uTorrent or if there is a power outage while I am downloading a file, will the software start over or continue the download when restarted^

Thanks a million


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